Clinic on rails chugs to rural Mexico

Its nickname is Dr Wagon and, this year, it will start bringing a clinic on rails to marginalised communities in Mexico.

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The "health train" is a travelling clinic on a rail convoy that is equipped with everything needed to bring free health care to poor communities and hard-to-reach areas.

Composed of 11 wagons staffed by 15 doctors, Dr Wagon has a laboratory, rooms for specialist practice, a pharmacy, bedrooms and a dining room. It offers general medical aid and specialised services such as dental care and ultrasound scans, as well as preventive health services and basic health treatment.

"The idea is for Dr Wagon to become a hospital, so you can reach all people in remote communities," said Ms Ximena Ugarte, the chairman of Grupo Mexico Foundation, which is behind the project.

The train can serve up to 300 people daily.