Brazil protest groups call for 'millions of masks' demos to mark Guy Fawkes Day

RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) - Brazilian protest groups, including Black Bloc anarchists, on Tuesday called for fresh demonstrations across the country to mark Guy Fawkes day, the anniversary of the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot in London.

Many protesters have donned Guy Fawkes masks in recent months as Brazilians disaffected with corruption and political administration took to the streets.

In recent years the Anonymous protest group have celebrated Nov 5 as a "day of global resistence to corruption and tyranny" and they and their fellow protesters used their Facebook page to call for a protest in central Rio from 6pm local time.

Anonymous dubbed the upcoming protest "the march of millions of masks", using the hashtags #OpVendetta (Operation Revenge) and #MMM (March of Millions of Masks).

Meanwhile, Brazilian police revealed they have identified 130 people suspected of fanning violence in recent protests in Rio and Sao Paulo that ended in street violence.

The marches were not on the scale of the mass protests of last June which accompanied the Confederations Cup World Cup dress rehearsal but ended in more violence.

One Internet user, dubbing himself a "friend of the Black Blocs" and looking to drum up support for the march posted a message: "We are going to bust the US embassy (sic) in Rio.

"We are going to bash this enormous US espionage," added the poster, in allusion to recent revelations that Washington has been spying on allies, including Brazil.

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