Beauty just skin-deep for ugly veggies

Every year, developed countries throw away more than 220 million tonnes of food, close to the annual production of sub-Saharan Africa.

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The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations notes that a third of the food produced for human consumption goes to waste.

Produce makes up a considerable percentage of that waste.

Often, there is nothing wrong with these rejected fruit and vegetables, aside from the fact that they are not attractive enough for supermarket shelves.

Now, a French supermarket chain, Intermarché, is attempting to fight food waste by selling "Fruits et Légumes Moches", or ugly fruit and vegetables, at a 30 per cent discount.

Last spring, it created a specially marked stand for unsightly carrots, apples and oranges at a test store in the city of Provins.

It gave out juice samples made from misshapen oranges and soup from deformed carrots to demonstrate their excellent flavour.

The company says it sold 1.2 tonnes of ugly produce in two days - proof that customers ate up the idea.