Asia Briefs: Islander finds bottles from Malaysia

Islander finds bottles from Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR • Two mineral water bottles from Malaysia were found among debris from the Indian Ocean washed ashore on the island of Mauritius amid an ongoing search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Local lawyer Philippe Creissen told Australia's Herald Sun newspaper that he found three mineral water bottles while walking along Bois Rouge beach, of which two carried Made in Malaysia labels, the Malay Mail reported.

Former S. Korean first lady visits North

SEOUL •The widow of former South Korean president Kim Dae-Jung will make a rare trip to North Korea today, raising cautious hopes of a thaw in cross-border tensions despite Seoul playing down the trip as purely personal.

The 93-year-old Lee Hee-ho plans to tour a children's hospital, a maternity home and an orphanage in Pyongyang.

But most interest will be on whether she meets North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who has yet to receive any South Korean citizen since assuming power. Her late husband was best known for his "sunshine policy" of engagement with the North.


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