Argentines kill British 'terrorists' in Falklands-based game

ROSARIO, Argentina (AFP) - A local company has created a version of the first-person shooter videogame "Counter Strike" in which Argentine "police" kill British "terrorists" on the Falkland Islands.

For centuries, Argentina has claimed the British-controlled, wind-swept South Atlantic archipelago as part of its territory. The islands were at the heart of a bitter 74-day war between the two countries in 1982.

This version of the popular online game takes place in an alternate world in which Argentina won the 1982 war, and its police are defending the islands from British "terrorists."

"Our intention was not to offend anyone, but we believe that it helps raise awareness about an important issue," said Mr Fernando Llorente, spokesman for Dattatec, the Rosario-based company that created the game.

"We are having very good feedback on the project," he told AFP.

The game includes depictions of emblematic sites on the main island, including the cemetery, the post office, the office of the daily Penguin News, and the main church and bank.

Argentine "police" begin the game in the cemetery, while the British are based in Port Stanley - Puerto Argentino to the Argentines.

Also in the game: a large sign that states "The Malvinas are Argentine," describing the archipelago by the name used across Latin America.

Mr Llorente said there were no British flags in the game "out of respect" for the Argentine war veterans, and claims he has had no negative comments from the more than 86,000 gamers from around the world.

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