World briefs: Landmark marijuana ruling in Mexico

Landmark marijuana ruling in Mexico

MEXICO CITY • Mexico's Supreme Court has given the green light to growing marijuana for recreational use in a landmark decision that could lead to legalisation in a country with a bloody history of conflict with drug cartels.

Proponents of drug reform argue that criminalising drugs has only raised their street value and strained the penal system by filling prisons with low-level dealers and people caught with small amounts.


Interim PM appointed in Romania

BUCHAREST • Romanian President Klaus Iohannis appointed outgoing education minister Sorin Cimpeanu to be interim prime minister yesterday, replacing Mr Victor Ponta, who resigned the previous day amid protests across the country over a club fire that killed 32 people.


Man accused of mutilating women

BLOEMFONTEIN • A Danish national accused of mutilating several women and keeping their clitorises in his freezer has appeared in a South African court.

Peter Frederiksen,63, a gun shop owner, was arrested in the central city of Bloemfontein after his wife told police that he had assaulted her and mutilated her genitals. Police later found more than 10 frozen pieces from at least seven female victims.


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