White House staff preparing for Donald Trump's inauguration

Preparations are underway in Washington DC for the inauguration of Donald Trump as president.

WASHINGTON, DC (Reuters)  - With a little over 40 days to go to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the next US President, preparations are already at an advanced stage.

The platform where the ceremony will take place, and seats for the thousands of visitors expected to attend, are under construction.

"We're on time and on budget, I'm not sure we'll do a whole lot better than that but this is one of those projects that definitely has to be on time and you always want to be on budget and we are," said Mr Roy Blunt, chairman of the joint committee on the inauguration. 

Officials say they're expecting about a million people for the inauguration and events surrounding it in Washington, DC.

That's 0.8 million less than the number who showed up to see President Barack Obama sworn in for the first time.

Mr Trump is expected to move into the White House on January 20 after he's sworn in.

Several groups say they plan to hold demonstrations.