What's Next: August 4, 2016

Brazil impeachment trial nears end

Brazil's long-running presidential impeachment drama hits a crescendo with its finale this week just as the Rio Olympics sprints out of the starting blocks.

An impeachment committee is set to vote today, the eve of the Olympic opening ceremony, on the removal of suspended president Dilma Rousseff from office.

Burning questions on space

Ever wondered what it takes for one to survive in space? British space medicine expert Kevin Fong has been sharing his knowledge at the Singapore Science Festival. Areas discussed include the physiological challenges of human space missions, and how science, medicine and engineering work together to answer questions about life, the earth and the universe. The talks, which end today, also touch on other topics like artificial gravity.

Bank of England expected to cut rates

Economists expect the Bank of England (BOE) to reduce rates by at least a quarter percentage point to 0.25 per cent today, when announcing its interest rate decision. The announcement, due after the central bank's latest monetary policy meeting, would take rates to their lowest level in the BOE's 322-year history. Opinion, however, is split on whether the bank will restart its quantitative easing programme of government bond purchases.

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