Man with a fake gun is in custody after Orlando airport standoff

A suspect authorities say wielded a fake gun in a prolonged standoff with police in the Orlando airport has been taken into custody.

FLORIDA (Reuters)  - A tense standoff with police occurred at Orlando Airport on Tuesday (May 30) when authorities rushed in on reports of a man armed with a hand gun that turned out to be a fake. 

No shots were fired, and 26-year-old suspect Michael Pettigrew surrendered after nearly two hours of negotiations while provoking officers to kill him. 

"The subject pointed the firearm at the officers, said 'Shoot me, shoot me', pointed gun at his head, imploring the officers to shoot him. Officers were able to get him to drop the weapon. From that point, he lay down on the ground with the gun close to him," said Orlando police chief John Mina.

Pettigrew faces one count of aggravated assault for pointing the fake gun at officers.  Police say he was formerly in the military, and will be kept in custody in for a mental health evaluation.