Left must hold Trump accountable: Bernie Sanders

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he's prepared to work with Donald Trump if the US president-elect champions working families but vows to oppose him vigorously if Trump resorts to discrimination and xenophobia.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Sunday (Nov 13) that he is prepared to "work with" president-elect Donald Trump provided the billionaire champions working families, and vowed to "oppose him vigorously" if Trump resorts to "discrimination" and "xenophobia".

"Our job now is to hold him accountable. Mr Trump claimed that he was a champion of the working class of this country," Mr Sanders, the Democratic US Senator from Vermont, said on CBS' Face the Nation.

"But if his presidency is going to be about discrimination; if it's going to be about scapegoating immigrants, or scapegoating African Americans, or Muslims, we will oppose him vigorously," he said.