Fit for a true fan: Brazil hairdresser etches stars' faces on heads

Looking for a new way to pay homage to your favourite sportsman or singer? At a salon just outside the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, artistic hairdresser Nariko is offering a stylish option -- etching the profiles of the famous onto the sides and back of heads of his clients.

The 27-year-old has been getting creative for a about a year now, reproducing images of rapper Snoop Dogg, Jesus Christ and even Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper on scalps. "Just like there are pictures and paintings and it is called art, our work is art too," Nariko said.

Clients bring a picture of their favourite celebrity and Nariko gets to work with a hair clipper to cut the image. With the basic outline in place, he then carefully uses a razorblade to cut in smaller details, sometimes adding colour.

Nariko, whose grandfather and uncle were barbers, says he likes that his job inspires the younger generation. His work has gained him a steady following locally and on Facebook where the page for his salon "Nariko Hair Style" has just under 35,000 likes.

On Wednesday (May 6), Luis Fernando, 15, spent some three hours at the salon to get Brazilian captain and Barcelona player Neymar etched onto his head. A haircut at Nariko Hair Style costs between 20 to 50 reais ($6.55 to $16.40) while the sculpting of a face increases to 120-140 reais.

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