Female Brazilian killers marry in jail

SAO PAULO (AFP) - Two Brazilian women behind murders which shocked the country have married in jail, national media reported Wednesday.

Suzane Von Richthofen, 30, was 18 when she was jailed for 38 years and six months in 2002 after arranging for her then-boyfriend and his brother to kill her parents in their luxury home.

According to Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paolo, Von Richthofen's father would not accept their relationship because his daughter's boyfriend, Daniel Cravinhos de Paula e Silva, 21, was neither working nor studying.

The killers beat Von Richtofen's parents to death with iron bars.

Von Richthofen turned down parole to stay in a couples' wing at Tremembe prison in Sao Paulo state with partner Sandra Regina Gomes.

Sharing the large cell with eight other couples, they had to sign a document recognising a committed relationship. In the prison this paper works like a marriage certificate, allowing for marital living but also imposing certain rules of coexistence, reported Folha de S. Paolo.

For example, if they separate, the inmates cannot return to the special cell for couples for six months.

Gomes is serving 27 years for her role in the death of a child kidnapped and killed in 2006 after a ransom went unpaid.

The two women began a relationship after meeting in a prison clothing factory, according to media reports.

Before her relationship with evangelist convert Von Richthofen, Gomes had been seeing 32-year-old Elize Matsunaga, who gained notoriety in Brazil for killing and dismembering businessman husband Marcos Kitano Matsunaga, 41, in June 2012.

Brazil allows same-sex marriage in practice in the absence of a any constitutional prohibition following a 2011 Supreme Court ruling.

The socially-conservative country has to date failed to pass legislation formally recognizing the same-sex marriage.

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