Environmentalist and actor Ricardo Torres marries tree

Peruvian actor and environmental activist Ricardo Torres gets married to a tree as part of an ecological awareness campaign.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - For the eighth time, Peruvian actor and environmental activist Ricardo Torres has symbolically married a tree as part of an ecological awareness campaign to urge others to care for the environment.

The wedding took place at a landmark location, the town of Santa Maria del Tule, which is home to an ancient 2000-year-old cypress tree. The tree's estimated weight is more than 544.3 million kilograms.

Torres left the house of his godmother, accompanied by a committee of village elders, friends and family, and walked down the Sabino street towards a cluster of Cypress tree leaves to start with the ritual procession.

Among clouds of incense smoke, he offered water and food, shared by the Zapotecs and Inca cultures such as beans, avocado, mezcal, water corn and cocoa.

Torres placed a ring on one of the tree's branches and kissed it as guests threw rice at the "newly wed" couple.

According to the actor, this ritual is not just a performance because there is a commitment to plant and care for the environment.

"This wedding with the Cypress tree is the symbol of this campaign. 'Marry a tree, Mexico.' Save your oxygen. My brothers, I ask you to plant a tree. To look after your nature, your mountain, your river, your water, your food," Torres said.

At the end of the ceremony, he threw a bouquet at the wedding attendees.

He added that for his honeymoon he would plant a "macuil" tree to reaffirm his "green" commitment and to wish for world peace. He also intends to plant dozens of trees in various parts of Mexico accompanied by children to inspire and educate.