Dozens arrested in Lima during toll hike protest

Clashes erupt again between drivers of cargo vehicles and police in the Peruvian capital of Lima, with drivers angry over toll increases.

LIMA (REUTERS) - At least 40 people were arrested during clashes in Peru's capital on Thursday (Jan 12).

Protesters, including cargo drivers angry over toll increases in a city where driving is notoriously difficult, blocked the North Pan American highway.

A new toll booth has been installed about one kilometre from yet another one. Media reports say the rates on both have risen, and with it tensions between drivers of cargo vehicles and police. Violent clashes broke out just last week.

Residents say that the ruling body of Lima has not done enough, and that a 30-day measure delaying the new toll just doesn't cut it.

"We don't want the temporary suspension of 30 days, we want the final cancellation of that abusive toll where a person leaving his house can't pay to leave and can't pay to enter," said Mr Carlos Rossini, National Secretary of the Confederation of Peruvian Workers. 

He says the highway belongs to the people, not the profiting companies.