Disability rights groups try to stop teen from dying

Groups advocating for the rights of the disabled ask Wisconsin officials to investigate the case of a severely disabled teenager who wants to end her life.

APPLETON, WISCONSIN (Reuters) - A Wisconsin teen suffering from a disabling disease plans to stop treatment - a move which will cause her to die.

Ms Jerika Bolen, 14, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

In July, she had a final prom in in her hometown of Appleton and said her treatments had worn her down.

"I told one of the doctors I didn't really want these surgeries but I'm doing it for my mum," said Ms Bolen.

She planned to enter hospice care and turn off her ventilator.

But a group called Disability Rights Wisconsin has stepped in and asked Child Protective Services to stop that.

"What complicates this case is that she is a minor and, you know, kind of facing all of the immaturity and complexities of life that people at 14 typically have," said Ms Lisa Pugh, Public Policy Director for Disability Rights Wisconsin.

In a separate complaint, four disability rights sent a letter to Wisconsin's Department of Children and Families.

They said severe pain is not a reason to support suicide and asked the agency to ensure that Ms Bolen is getting proper medical care.

State officials could not confirm whether the family is involved in an investigation.