Colossal artwork gives wings to dreams

The residents of Cerro de la Campana, a neighbourhood in Monterrey, Mexico, are in fine feather after artists gave their houses a much-needed facelift.

The facades of 290 homes there have been painted in bright, cheerful hues - which, taken together, form a picture of a bird spread out over 25,000 sq m.

Said to be the largest mural in Mexico, the artwork is aptly titled Colossal: Bird of Dreams.

It is the result of the labour of 55 artists from a group known as Colectivo Tomate, who have been on the project since February.

The undertaking, which has the support of the government, is to help bring social regeneration to one of the most populous and marginalised areas of the region.

The artists hope that their bird will not only create a sense of community, but also give residents hope and courage to look past their adversities and follow their dreams.

Locals are thrilled with the result, with one telling a regional news portal that while a fear of being robbed may have stopped outsiders from visiting these parts earlier, the mural makes the neighbourhood look more inviting and sends out a positive message about the people living there.

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