Chinese seller of signal jammers faces $43m fine in US

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Chinese electronics maker CTS Technology Co Ltd will face the largest fine in the US Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) history, of $34.9 million (S$43.5 million), for marketing illegal devices that block phone calls and other radio signals, the FCC said on Thursday.

United States law prohibits using, selling or marketing devices that block, jam or interfere with authorised radio signals such as telephone calls, GPS systems, Wi-Fi networks or first-responder communications.

US regulators accuse CTS of marketing 285 models of signal jamming devices to US consumers on its website for more than two years, falsely claiming that certain "jammers" they were selling were actually approved by the FCC.

The Chinese company sold 10 high-powered signal jammers to undercover FCC personal, the agency said. The FCC now plans to fine CTS the maximum amount for each jammer model it allegedly marketed and request information about anyone who purchased CTS jammer devices in the US.

CTS did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment. The use of signal jammers is allowed in the US only in limited situations by federal law enforcement officials.

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