Capsule comfort comes to Mexico City airport

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A guest watches television inside his room in Mexico's first capsule hotel at Benito Juarez International airport in Mexico City, on Aug 30, 2017. PHOTO: REUTERS

(REUTERS) - Inside Mexico City's bustling airport, weary international travellers seeking some peace and quiet can now roll right into bed.

The airport has joined a growing global trend: Offering a pod-style, capsule hotel for frugal travellers like Alonso Gutierrez.

Capsule hotel guest, Alonso Gutierrez, said: "Staying in any other hotel, with the same comforts, would have cost me about US$110 (S$149) to US$170 dollars a night. The prices are actually quite reasonable here."

For about US$30 dollars a night, you not only get a bed, but a bathroom and a locker for your luggage.

And at six feet long by three feet wide, the capsule fits most travellers.

The concept started in 1979 in Japan. That's where hotel manager Jose Martin says his capsules came from.

Hotel manager Jose Martin said: "We had to make significant changes because the capsule hotels in Japan are very oriented to their own customs and not so much to tourism. This (Mexico City capsule hotel) is designed for the times and necessities of those travelling in a plane."

Necessities that include a good night's sleep before taking off for their final destination.

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