Canadian police threaten drink drivers with rock band Nickelback

A cassette tape of Silver Side Up (2001) by Nickelback in its plastic wrapping.
A cassette tape of Silver Side Up (2001) by Nickelback in its plastic wrapping.PHOTO: KENSINGTON POLICE SERVICE/ FACEBOOK

A Canadian police department's threat to play Nickelback as punishment for drink drivers has raised some heckles, and chuckles, in the country.

On top of jail, a fine and a driving suspension, the person arrested will be made to listen to Canadian rock band Nickelback "on the way to jail", The Kensington Police Service announced on Facebook on Saturday (Nov 26).

The post was accompanied by a cassette tape of Silver Side Up (2001) by Nickelback, still in its plastic wrapping.

"Now, now, no need to thank us, we figure if you are foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking then a little Chad Kroeger and the boys is the perfect gift for you," said the Facebook post.

"So please, let's not ruin a perfectly good unopened copy of Nickelback. You don't drink and drive and we won't make you listen to it."

While popular in the 1990s and 2000s, the band, which is fronted by 41-year-old Kroeger, has recently lost favour with Canadians.

Some drivers, such as Jon Waugh, found the post hilarious: "Hahahaha!! Love the status. Lock those dumbasses up in a dark, damp and dingy cell with rats... while playing Nickelback on repeat... day in and day out. Nobody needs a fool on the road putting our families at risk."

But Nickelback fans, such as Amanda Anastasio, were not amused. She suggested playing another Canadian pop star - Justin Bieber.

"Don't hate on Nickelback!! They are a good band. Use someone like Justin Bieber. No one will ever think twice about drinking and driving if you use Bieber. Lol," she wrote in response to the post.

Others suggested playing "worse" music such as "terrible" Christmas music, opera, or "twangy" country.

Some thought the post inappropriate for such a serious subject, while others defended it as "harmless fun".

"Truly insensitive and definitely not getting the message across that drinking and driving is a serious offence. Your are making a joke of it," said a Facebook user known as Deb Bie.

The Kensington police responded to most of the posts, including with this humorous comment: "(looks around to see if others are looking)... Silver Side Up is actually my favourite album... Shhhh..."