Canadian man offers free tickets to global adventure, but only to an Elizabeth Gallagher

A CANADIAN man is offering a ticket to globetrotting trip of a lifetime, from New York through Thailand, France and India, for free - but only to someone named Elizabeth Gallagher.

Jordan Axani, 27, put up a post on his offer on Monday on Reddit, a citizen journalism site where people vote for stories they find interesting. In it, he says that the trip, set for Christmas-time, was booked for him and his then-girlfriend. Now that they have broken up, he is looking for a replacement with the exact same name and a Canadian passport.

A Reddit user has commented saying that she has the name. She added: "But I'm old enough to be his Mom. If there's no younger person to step up I'd have to say it would be interesting." Other users have been rooting for her, and asking for her to go for it and have an adventure.

Mr Axani, seeing that his post has gone viral, updated it. He said: "Please respect the privacy of the real Elizabeth Gallagher and let's keep this light and fun... Lots of Elizabeth Gallaghers have come forward and will continue to do so, which is all kinds of amazing (yay internet!)".

He has a disclaimer that he is not looking for anything in return, and that nothing other than flight tickets have been booked. His criteria, other than the name and nationality, are that the woman has to be sane, smart and hopefully interesting, has always wanted to travel, and will pay it forward the way he has.

His post has since been shared on Facebook and image sharer Imgur, and been picked up by sites like BuzzFeed.

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