Bernie Sanders fed up with Clinton campaign's 'negativity'

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he is tired of being 'beaten up' by the 'negativity' of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Speaking on CBS' Face The Nation, Mr Sanders was asked about the increasingly negative tone of the Democratic presidential race to which he responded, "They've gone after us in every single area, in a way that just misrepresents my views."

Last week, Mr Sanders and Mrs Clinton attacked each other over their judgment and experience in a high-volume debate five days before the crucial New York primary.

The last nine opinion polls taken in New York, a state where Mr Sanders was born and Mrs Clinton served eight years as a US senator, show her holding a double-digit advantage over him ahead of Tuesday's (April 19) New York vote, the next nominating contest on the road to a July national convention and the November 8 election.

But Mr Sanders says he believes he has a 'real shot' at winning in New York.