Anger among relatives as search for Mexico quake survivors narrows

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Rescuers in Mexico will end their search for survivors on Thursday, more than a week after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake devastated the capital.

MEXICO (REUTERS) - It has now been a week since the 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City, and while rescuers have been working day and night, time is running out for finding any more survivors.

At the National Civil Protection Agency control center, coordinator Luis Felipe Puente says rescuers will continue digging through the rubble until Thursday.

"I can say that at this time, it would be unlikely, unlikely to find anyone alive," Puente said.

Rescuers have pulled 69 survivors from quake-damaged properties.

However, an estimated 40 people remain missing and feared dead.

The quake killed 331 people, including some at a collapsed textile factory that has become a makeshift memorial.

Mourners have left flowers and candles as well as angry messages aimed at the government.

A graffiti says: "Dead or alive, our bodies are not garbage."

Area resident Cristina de los Milagros Contreras says people are upset at the slow progress of recovering loved ones.

"As far as I know, a lot of people don't even have their relatives' bodies so they can't even have at least a grave site or somewhere where people can take them flowers," Contreras added.

With the rescuers' deadline approaching, anxiety for the families of those still missing is likely to get worse.

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