Abducted American girl defends her kidnapper

A girl abducted as an infant defends the woman who kidnapped her 18 years ago from a Florida hospital.

FLORIDA (REUTERS) - A girl who went missing for eighteen years is defending her kidnapper.

Kamiya Mobely, who was kidnapped as a baby, said, "When you've been loved the way I have, you'll understand why."

The 18-year-old girl was taken from a Florida hospital in 1998, when she was just a few hours old and was raised under a different name by Gloria Williams, who allegedly stole her from her mother's room dressed as a nurse.

Kamiyah was found last week, two states away in South Carolina, where Williams has been arrested and charged.

The kidnapped girl has lived her entire life believing they were mother and daughter.

Now after more than 2,500 police tips, DNA testing has confirmed Kamiyah's identity and she has been reunited with her biological family.

Kamiyah’s father Craig Aiken said: "Every day you get up, there's always hope. You know what I'm saying? But I wake up and I believe she's waking up too. There's always hope."

Williams faces up to life in prison.