While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, Feb 14 edition

Chapel Hill murders: Obama denounces 'outrageous murders' of three US Muslims

US President Barack Obama described the deaths of three young Muslims gunned down in North Carolina as "brutal and outrageous murders" on Friday and said no one in the United States should be targeted for their religion.

The President's statement came a day after the FBI said it would open a preliminary inquiry, separate from local police investigations, to determine whether the man accused in the Chapel Hill shooting on Tuesday broke any federal laws.

The families had called on Obama to insist that federal authorities investigate whether the murder suspect, 46-year-old paralegal student Craig Stephen Hicks (above), was motivated by hatred toward the victims because they were Muslim.

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Alabama policeman arrested on charges of assaulting Indian visitor

A police officer has been arrested and charged with assault in Alabama after an encounter in which an Indian man visiting relatives was slammed to the ground and seriously injured.

The incident, which occurred on Feb 6 in Madison, Alabama, was captured on the police car's dashcam video and widely seen on the Internet.

Madison police chief Larry Muncey said in a statement Thursday that the officer, Eric Parker, has been arrested and charged with assault in the third degree.

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Valentine 'police' to offer roses, weddings for Indians caught kissing, hugging

Right-wing Hindus in India are offering white roses, free counselling and a chance to get married for couples caught kissing or hugging in public places on Valentine's Day.

Roving three-person teams of volunteers from the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha will fan out across India on Feb 14, scanning parks and public spaces for couples exhibiting "inappropriate behaviour".

Volunteers will distribute white roses to signify they come in peace, and then advise the couples to get married if they are really in love. Priests will even be on hand to carry out the ceremony, if needed, a group spokesman said.

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Swedes shaken by assault on child migrant

Video footage of a Moroccan boy begging for mercy as a security guard bangs his head against a brick floor has shocked Sweden as the country grapples with a record influx of child refugees.

Several witnesses last week uploaded video clips to YouTube showing a security guard straddling the nine-year-old boy inside the Malmoe central station.

Crying and gasping for air, the boy can be heard reciting an Islamic prayer that is sometimes said when a person is about to die.

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Branagh presents 'feminist' all-star Cinderella remake

Cinderella and Prince Charming met on an equal footing Friday at the Berlin film festival in a modern retelling of the fairy tale by Kenneth Branagh, with Cate Blanchett as a gambling, hard-drinking Wicked Stepmother.

Cinderella, a Disney production, has been dubbed a "feminist" live-action twist on the story of a girl's dreams coming true.

Lily James, 25, (above) of the Downton Abbey TV series, plays the orphaned young woman who becomes virtually enslaved by her cruel stepmother and stepsisters.

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