Shia Houthi rebels take control of third largest city in Yemen

(REUTERS) - Shia Houthi rebels have taken control of Yemen's third largest city Taiz and its airport, according to officials.

Dozens of tanks and military vehicles were said to be heading from north Yemen towards Taiz, according to reporting by the BBC. The seizure of Taiz brings the insurgents within 140km of President Hadi's new base in Aden, the BBC reported.

At least one person was reportedly killed in Taiz when residents took to the streets to protest the takeover, and rebels fired back with tear gas.

Insurgents already have control of the capital, Sanaa, after President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi was overthrown in February. Hadi fled to Aden in the south. Houthi rebels declared a new government in February.

Meanwhile, the US announced on Saturday that was withdrawing its troops from the country due to the worsening security situation. The US evacuated a southern military base that was important to its use of drones against Al-Qaeda militants.

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