Modest makeover for Barbie

A 24-year-old Nigerian blogger and medical scientist gives Barbie dolls a modesty makeover - adding a Hijab. 'Hijarbie' has attracted a large internet following.

NIGERIA (Reuters) - Tall Barbie, petite Barbie, curvy Barbie and 'Hijarbie' Barbie. The dolls have a new look in Nigeria.

With added Hijab and modest clothing they become 'Hijarbies'. Haneefah Adam is behind the makeover.

"I think it is important for a doll that reflects certain cultures in Nigeria. It helps with an impressionable young girl that can identify with an hijab wearing doll and would be able to identify with her roots," said Haneefa.

Haneefah designs 'Hijarbies' to reflect modern Muslim culture and religion.

What started out as a hobby has quickly turned into a business, with the help of social media. The 'Hijarbie' Instagram page has over 63,000 followers - and so far 200 pieces have been sold - through a UK distributor.

"I didn't really think about it immediately that way, as a business idea, I just started the page to show my creative side," said Haneefah.

Many Nigerian women and girls are keen to get their hands on a 'Hijarbie'.

"Most dolls I know they are not usually well dressed and properly dressed like the Hijarbie, so I find it to be very nice and something that anybody would love to have," said Rasheeda Hassan, a student.

"Seeing them wear hijab and all makes me feel like wearing it because I wish to look like a doll sometimes," said Afolabi Majidat, a student.

Haneefah trained as a medical scientist, but that's now on hold as she works to create a new brand and prove her designs aren't just child's play.