Fake news on Kenyan election uses BBC, CNN logos: Report

KENYA - Fake news reports about the upcoming Kenyan elections are making rounds on social media, the BBC reported on Saturday (July 29).

According to the BBC, a video purportedly from broadcaster CNN reflecting Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta pulling ahead in the polls is being shared widely.

This is contrary to the actual opinion polls which indicate that both President Kenyatta and opponent Raila Odinga have not gained enough support for a clear win.

The video was actually a cut from a CNN Philippines broadcast with the logo of the broadcaster superimposed on the rest of the footage.

President Kenyatta is running against seven other candidates in the upcoming election on August 8.

Another video simulating the BBC's Focus on Africa programme was released and circulated on Friday. That too carried fake survey results about the election.

Both CNN and the BBC have declared that the news being circulated is fake.

BBC has encouraged the public to check the news website to ensure the information they are consuming is authentic.