Death toll in Mali suicide attack rises to 77

The latest death toll from this week's bomb attack on a military camp in northern Mali stands at 77, a French army spokesman said on Thursday (January 19), up from an earlier toll of more than 60 deaths.

MALI (REUTERS) - Over 100 people badly injured by a suicide bomb attack in Mali on Wednesday (Jan 18), but not everyone was so lucky.

The death toll of the explosion now rising to 77.

The attack targeted a military camp in the north of the African country.

The bombers forced their way into the camp shortly before 9 a.m., running over several people before blowing up their vehicle, just as 600 soldiers were assembling, according to a UN spokesperson.

The attack is a devastating blow to efforts to restore peace there.

The government and rival armed groups trying to work together to quell violence in the area.

France intervened in Mali in 2013 to drive back Islamist groups that got control of large swathes of the country a year earlier.

The country still has a large, regional operation there to try to stamping out insurgents.

Al Qaeda's North African affiliate says the attack is punishment for Mali's cooperation with France.

French President Francois Hollande visited the area, just days earlier.