Colombian father arrested on suspicion of forcing daughter to swallow cocaine-filled capsules

BOGOTA (AFP) - A Colombian father was arrested on suspicion of forcing his 11-year-old daughter swallow 104 cocaine-filled capsules and trying to use her as a drugs mule.

On the run since the girl was hospitalised last week, Diego Fernando Mancilla Aguilar was sought on charges of attempted murder, using a minor to commit a crime and for drug trafficking, prosecutors said.

He was arrested in a country house about 30 km from his hometown of Cali, in western Colombia.

Authorities had offered a reward of more than US$9,000 (S$11,678) - more than 30 times Colombia's minimum monthly wage - for the man's capture.

Last weekend, the girl complained of pain when she returned to her mother's house after spending time with her father.

Doctors found that she had 500-600 grams of cocaine inside her.

According to authorities, the girl was supposed to have flown to Europe - probably Spain - with the capsules in her body.

Along with Peru, Colombia is one of the world's largest producers of cocaine.