Chimps caught on camera 'fishing' for algae

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Researchers observe wild chimpanzees using long branches to 'fish' for algae, displaying problem-solving skills to reach the nutrient-rich food source growing on the stream beds in Bakoun, Guinea.

BAKOUN, GUINEA (Reuters) - These chimpanzees aren't monkeying around. They've gone fishing in Guinea.

The primates are known to use tools to extract or consume food. But German scientists have discovered the instrument chimps choose differs from location to location.

The researchers used camera traps in the remote region of Bakoun.

And this is what they found. Chimps using long branches to fish for nutrient-rich algae from the bottom of the water.

But while fishing in this shallower brook, the chimps used sticks to collect algae.

Similar studies in Bossou village have seen them using small twigs to collect algae on the surface of water.

But the chimps' choice of longer, sturdier rods to go fishing in deeper water suggest they are capable of solving problems.

And researchers say, it's important to continue studying the wild animals to learn more and help protect one of our closest living relatives.

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