10 must-reads for today


1 Avoiding climate chaos

The world is facing an unprecedented climate crisis - of our own making - and we now need to marshal all our resources to fix it.

But the United Nations climate panel, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, says it is not sure if this is politically doable.

2 IMF cuts growth forecast

The International Monetary Fund has cut its forecast for global growth as trade tensions intensify and currency and other woes impact emerging economies.

3 Forum on global turbulence

The Straits Times Global Outlook Forum on Nov 28 will have three panel discussions: The peace process on the Korean Peninsula, the global economy, and the outlook for Malaysia and Indonesia. The annual conference, titled 2019: Trade Wars and Tensions - Navigating Global Turbulence, will be a full-day affair for the first time.

4 India's #MeToo movement

A #MeToo movement in India - which remains largely a patriarchal and conservative society - has gathered steam as more women come forward with stories of rape and harassment at the hands of prominent personalities, including a well-known television actor and a junior minister. 

5 Asean and the disabled

As Asean forges ahead with plans for smart cities, it must ensure that these consider the needs of millions of people with disabilities who still face significant barriers in their daily lives, say the UN secretary-general's special envoy Maria Soledad Cisternas Reyes and deputy executive secretary of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Kaveh Zahedi. 

6 New petrol station player

Sinopec, the second Chinese company to enter the multibillion-dollar fuel retail market here, is set to open its first station this quarter.

7 Guilty of contempt of court

The High Court found civil activist Jolovan Wham and opposition politician John Tan guilty of impugning the integrity and impartiality of the Singapore courts in Facebook posts.

8 Split over MAS' next move

Economists are split over whether the Monetary Authority of Singapore will tighten its monetary policy in its upcoming bi-annual review, amid global trade tensions. 


9 Lions' new skipper upbeat

Hariss Harun (above) remains humble despite being the most bemedalled local footballer in the past decade. And while the 27-year-old is not the oldest or most experienced, the Lions' new permanent captain believes there is good rapport between him and other senior players to create a harmonious dressing room. 

10 AI helps keep sharks away

Several tech start-ups in Australia are using artificial intelligence, drones and electric force fields to prevent sharks from attacking swimmers and surfers. 


Happy ending for couple

Singaporean Cheryl Yap, once thought missing in Romania, has tied the knot with Romanian boyfriend Alexandru Donea. See how the mysterious disappearance took a heart-warming turn. http://str.sg/onT5


Flak for fashion choices

US First Lady Melania Trump was criticised online for wearing a white pith helmet during a Kenyan safari. Find out why, as well as more about the other controversial fashion choices she has made. http://str.sg/on4w

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