10 must-reads for today

Palestinian women protesting in a refugee camp in Lebanon against the economic formula proposed by the United States for Israeli-Palestinian peace. PHOTO: DPA
Palestinian women protesting in a refugee camp in Lebanon against the economic formula proposed by the United States for Israeli-Palestinian peace. PHOTO: DPA

1 US Mid-East plan rejected

After a wait of 21/2 years, the United States launched its Middle East peace plan yesterday with an economic initiative that the Palestinians are boycotting, accusing President Donald Trump's administration of pro-Israel bias. 

2 Three dealt with under ISA

In the latest cases under the Internal Security Act, an unemployed 40-year-old man was detained, while Restriction Orders were placed on a 39-year-old deliveryman and a 62-year-old woman. The men had considered going to Syria to join terror group ISIS, while the woman had contacted foreigners with suspected involvement in terrorism-related activities.

3 Gas giant invests $1.9b here

Industrial gases and engineering group Linde will invest US$1.4 billion (S$1.9 billion) to expand its existing gasification complex on Jurong Island to ramp up its hydrogen supply to ExxonMobil Asia Pacific. 

4 US in strong place: Trump

President Donald Trump viewed the United States as being in a position of strength in his country's ongoing trade war with China, and would be comfortable with any outcome from his talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping this weekend, a senior US official said on Monday. 

5 Folly to weaken US dollar

President Donald Trump and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren may be at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but both have found common cause in favour of weakening the dollar. Whatever their reasons, it would be a huge mistake for the United States to do so. Such a move will destroy trust in US financial leadership, says Ruchir Sharma. 

6 Paying for a spot in school

Three popular international schools in Singapore allow expat families to secure places for their children, largely paid for by companies looking to attract expats to work here. The schools said all students who enter via this route must still meet their entry requirements, which include an English proficiency test. 

7 Growing deepfake problem

What you see is not necessarily reality. The use of face-swopping technology to create deepfake videos is causing concern, with calls from experts for greater awareness of such digital trickery. Victims of such video manipulation have included celebrities, politicians and everyday people, as the technology becomes more readily available. 

8 Less brand loyalty now: Poll

Consumers are far less loyal to brands these days and are increasingly willing to try new products - especially when it comes to products like chocolates and biscuits and dairy goods. Only 8 per cent of those polled in the global survey by Nielsen felt loyalty to a favourite brand. 


9 Racing to conquer cancer

While fighting skin cancer, Raymond Howe discovered disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong's autobiography, which inspired him to take up triathlon. He has now done over 200 distance races of all types, and having not missed a single The Straits Times Run, is looking forward to this year's Sept 29 edition.

10 Mobile game for BTS fans

BTS World, a mobile game featuring the hit K-pop boy band, will be released in 176 countries in 14 languages today. An estimated one million fans have registered for the game. 


Nuisance neighbour

Six households on the same floor of one Housing Board block in Punggol have moved out because of one woman, dubbed "the neighbour from hell". Here is footage shared by some residents. http://str.sg/nextdoorhell


Port city steeped in history

Greece's melting-pot city, Thessaloniki, may feel like just another laid-back seaside town, but take your time to explore and you will uncover its storied past and some outstanding cuisine. http://str.sg/Thessaloniki

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