10 must-reads for today

Police officers detaining an opposition supporter yesterday, a day after Kazakhstan's presidential elections. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE
Police officers detaining an opposition supporter yesterday, a day after Kazakhstan's presidential elections. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

1 Ally wins Kazakh polls

Kazakhstan's interim president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the ally and chosen successor of veteran ruler Nursultan Nazarbayev, has won a snap presidential election which observers say was tarnished by violations of basic freedoms. Mr Tokayev won nearly 71 per cent of the vote against six rivals largely unknown to Kazakh voters.

2 Another HK face-off likely

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam made it clear yesterday that the proposed amendments to the city's extradition law will go through a second reading tomorrow, setting the stage for another face-off after opponents called for more protests following clashes at demonstrations on Sunday.

3 British PM contest begins

The race to replace Mrs Theresa May as British prime minister - and take charge of the EU divorce - officially kicked off yesterday, with Conservative Party candidates submitting their nominations. Leading Brexit advocate Boris Johnson yesterday promised tax cuts for higher earners if he wins the contest.

4 Life lessons from my father

Unlike fathers of today, those of an older generation had little to guide them and were not given to overt gestures of affection. But love can be expressed in many other ways, says Dr Chong Siow Ann.

5 127 PMDs, 30 e-bikes seized

Almost 130 personal mobility devices (PMDs) were seized last month under the Active Mobility Act. The Land Transport Authority said it had impounded 157 devices - of which 127 were PMDs and 30 were e-bikes - for offences such as not complying with regulations and riding on the wrong paths.

6 Drug cuts cholesterol risks

A large-scale international clinical trial has found that alirocumab, a cholesterol-lowering drug sold here, was effective in reducing heart attack and stroke risk. The trial involved about 19,000 patients. Among them, a group that took alirocumab saw their risk of developing another heart attack or stroke lowered by about 15 per cent.

7 Law firm fined by PDPC

A law firm was fined $8,000 for breaching personal data protection obligations in the first such reported case of a law firm dealt with by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC). An administrative staff of Matthew Chiong Partnership had mistakenly sent out two e-mails to an incorrect e-mail address twice.

8 Q3 hiring to be stable: Poll

Singaporean employers remain optimistic in their hiring plans for the third quarter of this year, a new survey shows. The resulting net employment outlook for the upcoming quarter is forecast to remain relatively stable at +12 per cent, remaining unchanged compared with the same period last year.

9 Lions win 'a good start'

New national football coach Tatsuma Yoshida is unruffled over some fans' negative reactions to Singapore's narrow win over the Solomon Islands last Saturday. Instead, he sees the 4-3 result as a good one and a positive start to his tenure, and hopes for more improvement tonight in the home game against Myanmar.

10 Indian culture for kids

Children aged five to 12 will get the chance to flip their own prata and make their own murukku as part of the Indian Heritage Centre's "Little Indian Chefs!" Heritage Hunt, which is being held tomorrow and on Saturday as part of the National Heritage Board's Children's Season.


El Nino Ground Zero

When the winds of El Nino blow, a trail of destruction tends to follow. We look at its impact on the environment from Indonesia to the Galapagos. http://str.sg/el-nino


Huawei's Android alternative

The Chinese technology giant said it had anticipated Google's ban on its use of the Android operating system and is working on its own alternative - the HongMeng OS. http://str.sg/huaweios

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