The Big Story: Singapore is most ready for AI disruption, and trying out gig economy jobs

SINGAPORE - Catch up with the hottest topics on The Straits Times' new weekday talk show.

The Big Story, broadcast every weekday at 5.30pm on Facebook and YouTube, will have reporters and senior editors discussing the top stories of the day, in the heart of the newsroom.

On Friday's (Sept 27) episode, tech editor Irene Tham will talk about why Singapore topped a list of 105 global cities which are most ready for disruption brought about by artificial intelligence (AI).

She will also talk about the metrics that this index is based on.

This will be followed by film correspondent John Lui, who will talk about trying his hand at different gig economy jobs such as being a GrabFood delivery rider, durian seller and a Ninja Van  package sorter.

Topics covered in previous episodes include the early disposal scheme where registered e-scooters that don't meet a fire safety standard can be disposed of in exchange for $100; new government measures to encourage parenthood and marriage; and the instances where people have to give their NRIC details under stricter rules from Sept 1.