The Big Story: How deepfake videos pose a threat and finding work-life harmony

SINGAPORE - Catch up with the hottest topics on The Straits Times' new weekday talk show.

The Big Story, broadcast every weekday at 5.30pm on Facebook and YouTube, has reporters and senior editors discussing the top stories of the day, in the heart of the newsroom.

On Friday's (June 28) episode, tech journalist Hariz Baharudin will talk about how deepfake videos are a growing problem and how they pose a threat to society.

Manpower correspondent Joanna Seow will discuss why Singapore residents are stressed by the thought of having nothing to do and why we should aspire to have work-life harmony instead of work-life balance.

Topics covered in previous episodes include the impact of Google's Huawei ban on users, the Singapore Red Cross data leak and how to practise good cyber hygiene, the impact of US-China's trade war on Singapore, WhatsApp's security flaw, Pakatan Harapan's report card, points made by several MPs on the issue of protection against sexual misconduct on campus, and the Committee of Inquiry's findings into the death of actor Aloysius Pang.

Helmed by multimedia journalist Alyssa Woo, the episode will air live from ST's new digital studio.