Singapore world record holder hopes to inspire others to keep fit

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No weights? No problem. Each week they gather at a fitness corner in Toa Payoh to work up a sweat. Meet Bar Brothers Singapore, a local fitness group that practises bodyweight exercises – aka calisthenics.

SINGAPORE - Every Sunday afternoon, a group of about 20 men gather at a fitness corner in Toa Payoh.

After a quick warm-up, they start to do a set of exercises to the thumping beat of hip-hop music blasting from a portable speaker.

But this is not your typical team workout. One member even broke two fitness world records last year.

"In a team of five, we may set out to do 1,000 pull-ups per team in an hour," said Mr Rain Chua, 26, a software engineer who co-founded the group in 2013.

The men call themselves Bar Brothers Singapore. They practise a form of bodyweight strength training called calisthenics.

Basic moves include pull-ups, push-ups, dips and squats. There are also advanced moves with such names as the muscle-up, back lever and the human flag.

Mr Chua has been practising calisthenics for seven years.

Last year, he broke two Guinness World Records - one for the most number of diamond push-ups in one minute, another for the most number of rear pull-ups in a minute.

"I set out to break these records to motivate my team and the rest of my friends that any goal they set in fitness is very achievable," he says. "At the same time, they can train their bodies to look good."

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