Platoon Thumbs Up: Pigeons are smarter than babies?

You can often find pigeons at parks but have you notice what colours are the pigeons?

Pigeons come in many colours like grey, green, white and black. Amongst these multicoloured pigeons, the white pigeon has the most symbolic value. It represents peace and better known as the dove of peace.
It also symbolises friendship and unity.

Besides the colours, pigeons are high intelligence animal too. Pigeons, dolphins and gorillas have all passed the mirror test. The mirror test assesses whether an animal has the intelligence to recognise itself visually. Dogs, cats and even babies are unable to pass this test.

What other characteristics do the pigeons have? Explore it with Platoon Thumbs Up in this episode.

SPH Brightcove Video
Why are pigeons smarter than babies? Why don't they get lost? Watch this episode of Platoon Thumbs Up and find out more about the abilities of the pigeon.

About Platoon Thumbs Up:

"Platoon Thumbs Up" (拇指兵团) is a 7-episode bilingual animation series produced by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Chinese Student Publications, as part of the third season of SPH's Public Service Broadcast content. Spin off from Thumbs Up popular comic strips, the viewers will learn about the natural world through the escapades of Thumbs Up and his group of friends in each episode.

"Platoon Thumbs Up" is also available on the student learning portal and website. Chinese and English subtitles are provided for all episodes.

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