Chinese artist depicts life as a collection of receipts

A Beijing-based artist's latest endeavour features water colour paintings done entirely on receipts to reflect how the printed pieces of paper have become a record of people's life in China.

BEIJING (REUTERS) - Receipts: we all get them, whether we're eating, shopping or travelling.

Beijing-based artist Liu Zhifeng is turning these bits of paper in to art, painting on them to tell a story about each payment. His aim is to make people consider the impact they're making with each transaction.

"This era is just too convenient, too efficient. Whatever (service) you can think of can be provided for, and whatever you can't think of is also available," said Liu in Mandarin.

"You don't have to move a muscle. But my lifestyle (and art) could be a reflection of this, and a fight back at (the system). To be more blunt, it's a rebellion."