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Justice Department finds no evidence of widespread US election voter fraud

Barr reports no sign of fraud on a scale that could have affected the outcome in the Nov 3 election.

Populists and Trumpians: Down, but not out

By mislabelling the problem, mainstream politicians risk ignoring the real electoral challenges they face.

Arizona and Wisconsin certify Biden's election victory in latest blow to Trump

Arizona and Wisconsin are the last contested battleground states to make their presidential election results official.

Trump says he will not change his mind on election fraud claims

Trump's first television interview since the Nov 3 election was mostly a monologue of evidence-free claims.


Trump's election challenges on flimsy ground: Experts

United States President Donald Trump has no chance of reversing the results of the just-concluded election through lawsuits, experts say.

Battlegrounds for 2020 US elections: Will these states stay loyal to Trump?

ST's US Bureau reports from the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin.

US presidential election: Twists and turns on the way to the White House

Can Trump confound the pundits again and secure a second term?


Interactive: Trump v Biden 2020

What is at stake as a divided nation heads to one of its most consequential elections in decades on Nov 3?

Interactive: How the US elects its president

Millions of Americans will cast their ballots on Nov 3. Here’s a guide to the complex system the United States uses to pick a president.

US presidential election 2020: Tracking the latest polls

Find out who's ahead in the race for the White House.