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Pro-junta Thai party moves to seal governing coalition

Palang Pracharath Party is formalising a deal with two "kingmaker" parties that will likely give the coalition control of more than half of the 500 seats in the House of Representatives.

Court suspends MP status of Future Forward Party leader

Thailand's Constitutional Court has suspended Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit's legislator status, one day before the opening of Parliament.

New Thai Senate filled with junta supporters

BANGKOK -With its new parliament due to open on May 22, Thailand on Tuesday (May 14) unveiled a list of appointed senators packed with military and police officers, as well as former legislators handpicked by the ruling junta.

Pro-junta party likely to form Thai government

An inscrutable Palang Pracharath Party leader Uttama Savanayana said yesterday: "What I can say for now is dialogue is going on. Everything will be clear after the dialogue."


Thai election: Young party's fate may affect political stability

One of the surprise winners in Thailand's election on March 24 is now under siege, fighting off criminal charges and allegations that it is hostile to the monarchy. What happens next could fundamentally alter the political equation.

Thai coalition creates only a strong opposition, for now

Pheu Thai Party's unmasking of its six coalition partners on Wednesday is just the first act in a prolonged political drama that Thailand is about to see.


Ms Tanwarin Sukkhapisit of Thailand's new Future Forward Party may cut a jaunty figure but she is dead serious about her future legislative work, and also aims to head the country's Culture Ministry.
Thailand's first transgender MP sets her goals

In a land known for its annual pageant featuring stunning, svelte women who were born male, Ms Tanwarin Sukkhapisit stands out as an unconventional transgender woman.

Thai coup leader Prayut Chan-o-cha reinvents himself

"Uncle Tu" has been trying to portray a softer side.

Thai election 2019: It's only about trust, says former minister and social media idol

It is hard to walk alongside Dr Chadchart Sittipunt without being stopped by strangers who want a selfie with him.

Thailand's Democrats admit they hold little attraction for first-time voters in March 24 election

BANGKOK - With two weeks to go before Thailand's general election, the country's oldest political party has faced up to an uncomfortable realisation: Young, first-time voters are writing them off.

Thailand election: 'Thaksin' wannabe hopes for poll victory

Thai election candidate Thaksin Kanta takes on ex-PM's name in belief it will give him an edge over rivals in the upcoming polls.