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Ever since I saw the Samsung C49HG90 Qled gaming monitor that my colleague was reviewing, I have been salivating over its colossal 49-inch 3,840 x 1,080-pixel display. You see, I have at least three monitors, both at home and at work, as I find the multiple screens superb for multitasking.

With the C49HG90, all I would need is just this one monitor.

Also, the monitor displays more than a billion colours as well as supports 125 per cent of the sRGB colour gamut.

This monitor also has a fast refresh rate of 144Hz and supports AMD's FreeSync 2 technology to reduce screen tearing. Thus, it is the perfect monitor for both my photo-editing and gaming needs.

Trevor Tan


From US$999 (S$1,347), excluding taxes from Amazon.com

Google's premium Pixelbook Chromebook has been on my wish list since I found out that Amazon ships it here for free. It seems like an expensive folly - after all, Chromebooks run relatively few apps compared with regular Apple or Windows laptops - but Chromebooks have improved this year.

The Pixelbook, like newer Chromebooks, can now run Android apps such as Microsoft Office.

Furthermore, I need just a handful of apps and the Samsung Chromebook Plus that I am using is good enough.

But then, the Pixelbook offers a significant hardware upgrade, especially as it has a backlit keyboard that is missing from the Samsung. Its snazzy dual-tone design, too, stands out among laptops while its stylus works with Google Assistant to make it even more convenient when searching.

Vincent Chang



The first time I saw one of Devialet's Gold Phantom speakers, I was in the transit area of Hong Kong International Airport rushing to catch my flight home. But the crazy way the speaker's diaphragm was vibrating caught my eye, along with the music pumping from it.

French luxury brand Devialet certainly knows how to make an impression. The Gold Phantom speakers are its highest-end speakers which will set you back almost $4,500 for one unit. But it is capable of pushing out a maximum 4,500W of power - the sound of a small-scale concert.

The Gold Phantom's smooth, detailed sound quality, coupled with its eye-catching good looks, will make a fine addition to my audio collection.

And if one sounds good, having two wirelessly synced up in true stereo fashion would be even more impressive.

Lester Hio

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