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This egg hatches into a furry magical creature that is bound to draw the oohs and aahs from your enthralled kid. And you don't know what you are going to get until it hatches.

Think of the handheld digital pet Tamagotchi, but only better. The child gets to play with and "raise" the hatched furry Hatchimal - from baby to toddler to kid.

It was touted as the best invention and electronic toy of 2016. Expectedly, it has been sold out almost everywhere since early last month.

I made my husband look for the toy when he was travelling in Canada and Britain last month. He had no luck. Toys R Us Singapore also had no stock when I went to look for it last month.

If only I had the foresight to shop early for Christmas.

Irene Tham


Price: From US$134,500 or S$191,612 (without COE, import taxes and registration fees)

My car's COE is expiring in three months. And if I have all the money in the world, the Tesla Model S P100D would be my next car.

Not an Audi R8 V10 (my other dream car) or James Bond's Aston Martin DB9.

Why? Other than being an all-electric car, the latest Model S P100D is seriously a geek's dream car. Inside the cockpit, there is a whopping 17-inch touchscreen display that lets you control most of the car's functions, from navigation to multimedia.

In addition, it has autopilot functions, allowing you to rest on your way home after a hard day's work. It can do nought to 100kmh in 2.7sec.

Now, when can I buy Toto again?

Trevor Tan


Price: US$129 - available at US Google Store

Commanding artificial intelligence (AI) to do your bidding with voice controls has been a mainstay in science fiction since the genre's inception, and I want to be able to do the same in my room.

Google's personal home assistant device, Google Home, is a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant - the tech giant's ever-growing AI network - which lets me turn on music and ask for information and tells me how my day is looking, all without my having to lift a finger.

I can just imagine the possibilities - waking up in the morning and muttering in a sleepy haze, "OK Google, play my morning playlist", so that I can get pumped up to start the day right.

Furthermore, I already use so many of Google's services that they can be personalised to plan my day for me - I can ask it before I leave the house what traffic conditions are, what appointments I have that day or what assignments are due.

Besides, the Google Home's design - a small, round cylinder - will also look quite cute on my bedside table.

Lester Hio


From US$150 (S$213) - available at www.vixole.com

A new pair of shoes every day? With Vixole sneakers, I can make that dream come true.

The sneakers, which are available in black and white, have flexible, waterproof LED panels built into their back halves.

All I need to do is wirelessly link up the shoes with my smartphone, and I can make the panels display anything I want.

The sneakers don't just look good, they're functional as well. They can track steps, notify me when I have messages, and even help me navigate my way by either having the right or left shoe vibrate when I'm en route to a new place.

When I get home, all I have to do is pop them on the wireless charging pad, to juice them up for the next day.

Lisabel Ting


$1,349 - available at vive.com/sg

Ever since I tried the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets last year, I have wanted to buy one for myself.

Both headsets were launched in the first quarter of this year but, unfortunately, they were unavailable in Singapore.

I could have bought a set from overseas, but shipping the bulky headsets would have been costly and stocks were limited, too.

Thankfully, HTC has just started selling its headset here. It is still pricey at $1,349, but at least one can now enjoy proper support and warranty.

Unlike the competing Oculus Rift, the Vive headset comes bundled with two motion-sensing controllers. More importantly, it has two base stations that can be mounted in your room to track your location. This lets you move around the room while wearing the headset, leading to a more immersive, room-wide VR experience.

In addition, the Vive's front-facing camera maps your surroundings and warns you before you bash into the wall.

In other words, the HTC Vive probably offers the best VR experience now, though the relatively few apps in this nascent genre means this gadget is more ideal for early adopters.

In fact, before I get the headset, I would have to upgrade my PC's graphics card to a newer model to meet the hardware requirements of the Vive.

Vincent Chang


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