Versatile training shoes for workout

The Asics fuzeX TR training shoes are comfortable for running and circuit training and stylish enough as a pair of casual sneakers.
The Asics fuzeX TR training shoes are comfortable for running and circuit training and stylish enough as a pair of casual sneakers.PHOTO: ASICS

Asics says the fuzeX TR are its most versatile training shoes yet.

It features fuzeGel, a lightweight mid sole developed by the Asics Institute of Sport Science, which Asics claims gives users a smooth and comfortable gait by absorbing shock upon impact and transferring that energy to the forefoot area to propel lift-off.

Built with interval training in mind, the fuzeX TR features flexible forefoot grooves that enhance traction during multi-directional training movements. Further adding to the traction are patterns on the outsole.

The shoe has a low profile, making it comfortable and stable for a wide variety of training activities. Its no-sew upper makes it comfortable in all movements.

The men's model comes in black (version reviewed) and blue. I prefer the black model with its green Asics stripes. It is subtle and yet stylish enough to double as a pair of casual sneakers.


    PRICE: $179

    MATERIAL: Asics' proprietary fuzeGel midsole with no-sew upper

    WEIGHT: 260g (US 9 Men's)


    DESIGN: 5/5



    OVERALL: 4/5

When I first wore the fuzeX TR in my usual size, the fit was rather tight. But it was very comfortable, with great support for my foot arch and ankles. Yet there was enough room inside the toe box for my toes to wiggle.

The comfort level did not drop when I wore it for running and circuit training. There were no hot spots to report as well. I also find them to be great walking shoes.

During interval training, such as doing burpees, mountain climbs and football drills, the traction remained superb. I was able to stop and move without losing balance during forward, backward or lateral movements.

On the downside, I could feel even a small crevice or tiny stone on the ground when wearing the fuzeX TR. So, it is not suitable for rugged terrain or long-distance running. I would recommend wearing it for runs of 4km at most.

Trevor Tan

•Verdict: The Asics fuzeX TR is an excellent pair of training shoes for your gym workouts and doubles nicely as a pair of lifestyle sneakers.

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