Puma Ignite Disc

Puma Ignite Disc
Puma Ignite Disc

Puma recently re-launched Disc, its 25-year-old laceless closure system. Put the Disc system into Puma's critically-acclaimed Ignite running shoes and you get the Ignite Disc.

This neutral running shoe boasts Puma's proprietary Ignite foam that is said to deliver responsive cushioning and optimal energy return.

Its rubber outsole provides traction with flex grooves in the forefoot area for flexibility. An exposed area of midsole - called Transition Line - runs from the hind to forefoot area, to help make the running gait more natural.

The Disc system has been updated to be slimmer and quicker. I wonder why Puma took so long to re-introduce the Disc system, as it is really easy to use.

The internal wire system tightens the upper to provide a great fit for my foot. I was delighted by how foot-hugging and comfortable the shoes felt upon tightening. Yet, the toe box has enough room for my toes to wiggle.


    PRICE: $229

    WEIGHT: 317g (US9, Men's)


    DESIGN: 5/5



    OVERALL: 4/5

On my first run, it felt like I have been running in the Ignite for months. There was no slippage of foot and my ankles were well supported. Also, there was decent energy rebound with each stride.

Whether I was doing heel or mid-foot strikes, the energy response and comfort were equally good. Impact was nicely cushioned and neither my knees nor my feet felt pain after each run.

The review unit has the new dual-coloured Tricks tone. Dual as in one shoe is in pink, and the other in yellow. But it is a colour combination I find really cool.

The Ignite Disc has a 12mm heel drop. So it is more of a traditional running shoe, despite its funky looks.

Trevor Tan

•Verdict: The Puma Ignite Disc is $50 more expensive than the original Ignite. But with the convenience of its Disc laceless system, it is well worth the extra moolah.

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