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Jaybird X2: A cut above the rest based on fit and sound quality

The Jaybird X2 is hands down the most well-rounded and polished set of earphones in this testing line-up.

While it may not have additional fitness features such as a heart rate monitor or motion sensor, the X2 stands a cut above the rest based on fit and sound quality alone.

While many sports accessories are garish with protruding wings and clips, the X2 differentiates itself with its slim, elegant aesthetic.

Despite only having a single curved silicone fin to secure it in place, the earbuds barely moved throughout my whole workout session.

It is also simple to wear, as the fin fits easily and snugly behind the fold of the ear.


  • PRICE: $259

    IN THE BOX: Carrying case, a set of silicon eargels, a set of foam eargels, a set of wings, wire clips and USB cable

    WEIGHT: 13.8g

    BATTERY: Up to eight hours of play time. Charging time of less than 2.5 hours.

    FREQUENCY RANGE: 20 Hz to 20 kHz


    FEATURES: 3/5

    DESIGN: 5/5




    OVERALL: 5/5

At 13.8g, the Bluetooth device is also one of the lightest wireless models available, and does not jiggle around much when exercising.

It ships with both silicone and foam ear tips, that come in three sizes each.

I feel that while the former creates a better seal for good sound isolation, the latter has a more secure fit and is more comfortable over long periods of time.

However, while the foam tips fit better, they may not be the most hygienic for working out as they are more difficult to clean thoroughly.

When I wore the X2 for my exercise routine, it stayed in place firmly throughout both the running and cycling parts of the workout, although it began to loosen ever-so-slightly during the more vigorous burpee push-ups and cartwheels.

Even at the end of almost half an hour, it was still comfortable to wear, and I barely noticed that I had the X2 on.

In the performance department, the X2 also shines with eight hours of battery life, and a balanced, rich sound profile that delivers just the right combination of punch and crispness.

It does lean towards being a tad bass-heavy, but is not overwhelmingly so, and the tones in the mids and highs maintain their coherence well.

Lisabel Ting

• Verdict: An elegant, well-fitting set of sports earphones that delivers excellent audio performance.

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