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A trendy timepiece set to turn heads

The Klokers Klok-01's rotating dials will turn heads and the watch is sure to be a conversation piece.
The Klokers Klok-01's rotating dials will turn heads and the watch is sure to be a conversation piece.PHOTO: KLOKERS

I know I have a lot of watches but I don't know how many. That is, until my wife recently decided to make a count. The tally: 70.

That could soon be 71, after my review of the Swiss-made Klokers Klok-01. You see, the Klok-01 is a watch unlike others. It consists of three rotating white circular dials to display time along a vertical line. These dials are driven by a Ronda quartz movement.

It looks like a traditional circular slide rule, which people used to do complex mathematical calculations on before the advent of electronic calculators.

The dials - one each for hours, minutes and seconds - rotate at different speeds to display the time on a vertical red line. This red line runs from the 12 o'clock mark to the centre of the watch face.

There are three versions with different watch-face colour schemes - a yellow centre with black/red dial markings, a black centre with black /red dial markings (the version reviewed) and a blue centre with blue/black dial markings.


  • PRICE: $699

    WATER RESISTANCE: Down to 5m

    WEIGHT: 62g (including leather watch band)


    FEATURES: 3/5

    DESIGN: 5/5




    OVERALL: 4/5

The black markings on the white dials are pretty clear and distinct. But there is an integrated magnifying lens to help you read the time better. The magnification, though, is pretty minimal.

So you will probably still stare at the watch for a good two or three seconds before you can tell the time as you make out the markings. You will get better at reading it with some practice.

On the downside, the Klok-01 does not show dates. And the markings are not luminous and it does not have any backlight. So, you cannot tell the time when it is dark.

There is a traditional crown on the right (three o'clock position) of the 44mm composite metal polymer watch case. Pull and turn the crown to adjust the time.

I found that there are always some minute mis-alignments with the markings on the dials. It is just not as precise as your digital watch.

But I still love it. Besides turning dials, the Klok-01 will turn heads. Those rotating dials have many of my friends and even my wife gushing compliments.

Wear it to wedding dinners or black-tie events, and it will certainly be a conversation starter.

There is a button at the eight o'clock position of the watch case. Pushing this button releases the watch case from the high-quality leather watch band, or what Klokers terms as a bracelet.

The watch with the black single leather bracelet is comfortable to wear and feels lightweight on my wrist. The bracelet is also sold separately, at $199, in colours such as beige and indigo.

There is also a double-leather bracelet option ($249).

Although the watch is water resistant down to 5m, I would not recommend swimming with it; more so since the bracelets are currently available only in leather.

The battery inside is supposed to last 16 months. And it is highly recommended to get a professional to replace the battery for you.

Trevor Tan

• Verdict: The Klokers Klok-01 looks more like a trendy instrument that tells the time than a watch. It is a geek fashion statement without being hipster or fashionable.

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