WATCH: New CyberpioneerTV series makes concrete my hazy memories

CyberpioneerTV, Mindef's YouTube channel, struck gold in 2010 with the documentary series Every Singaporean Son, which chronicled the fate of 15 recruits undergoing Basic Military Training (BMT).

I skipped watching that because I was about to enter BMT at the time, wanting to experience it all first-hand.

Since then, they've produced similar documentaries based on the other vocations and courses in the Singapore Armed Forces, to a smaller audience than Every Singaporean Son. BMT is as near an ubiquitous experience as you'll find, so it's only natural that Every Singaporean Son held the widest appeal.

But this doesn't mean their subsequent shows aren't equally important. I went through the course shown in the video above, of CyberpioneerTV's latest, The Combat Medic Specialist: Every Soldier's Lifeline.

And judging by the reception from fellow combat medics on Facebook, there's a rapt audience, not of people wanting to find out what combat medic specialists go through, but of combat medics looking to remember their days as a trainee.

Your days on course fly by in a sweaty blur, and you often have nothing to remember them by apart from one poorly-taken photograph at the end.

Series like this make concrete our hazy memories. It may not be us in the video, but we went through the exact same lessons in the same locations, for some, even under the watch of the same regular servicemen.

Through its earnest depiction I remember good times with good friends, and for that, I'm grateful.