Undergrad something of a star on BeLive

Miss Veekher Wong gets about 100 viewers per stream on BeLive.
Miss Veekher Wong gets about 100 viewers per stream on BeLive.PHOTO: BELIVE/VEEKHER WONG

With her shock of purple hair and Les Paul guitar, Miss Veekher Wong is a distinctive sight on BeLive. Her stream draws hundreds of viewers each time she goes online.

The 24-year-old undergraduate from the Nanyang Technological University has been streaming regularly for the past month on BeLive, where she plays the guitar and performs covers of English and Mandarin songs.

She gets about 100 viewers on average per stream, which lasts between 30 minutes and an hour.

"But sometimes it goes beyond an hour if the viewers really want me to stay and ask me not to go," said Miss Wong.

She has earned about $1,300 so far from donations and BeLive's streamer incentives, which pay streamers for hitting certain viewership targets.

"The first time someone sent me a mansion (a $79.99 donation) I was so shocked. He just spent over $70 with one click. I immediately asked him for his top three favourite songs and sang them for him," she said.

BeLive gives the bubbly Miss Wong, who has been singing, dancing and performing since she was five years old, quick and ready access to an audience who cheer her on during her performances.

"The audience on BeLive is much more interactive than other live-streaming platforms like Facebook Live or Instagram," said Miss Wong. "There might not be hundreds and hundreds of viewers on my stream, but they are very dedicated and super interactive."

Lester Hio

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