Twitter and Facebook rolling out new emoji which includes breastfeeding and hijabs

The new Twitter emoji includes a breastfeeding mother and a woman donning a hijab.
The new Twitter emoji includes a breastfeeding mother and a woman donning a hijab. PHOTO: TWITTER/CREATORSPROJECT

Tired of the emoji on your phone? As of Tuesday (May 23), Twitter users can take 239 new emoji for a test drive.

The update will soon be rolled out on Facebook too.

In total, there are 56 entirely brand new characters.

Gender and skin tone variations account for the other 183.

The new emoji include a breastfeeding mother, one of the most requested emoji in 2016. It was proposed by Ms Rachel Lee, a registered nurse at the University College of London Hospital.

She wrote that the emoji would "fill a gap in the current standard which omits the most popular form of nutrition for newborn babies".

The latest emoji update was first announced in March by Unicode Consortium, the organisation that oversees the creation of emoji.

Another addition is a woman with headscarf, proposed by Rayouf Alhumedhi from Saudi Arabia.

The 15-year-old teenage girl wrote in her proposal to Unicode: "The addition of the hijab emoji will prove to be a step forward in tolerance and diversity."

There are six new animal characters, including a hedgehog and two different dinosaurs.

A range of fantasy characters, such as mermaids and wizards, can also be found.

The update makes a few smaller changes to existing emoji.

One is the hamburger, which has lettuce and tomato added at no extra cost.

The levitating man in a business suit is now wearing a skinny tie that is black, instead of royal blue.

Google confirmed last week that the new emoji will be part of Android O, when it launches later this year.

Apple is likely to include the latest update with the next version of its iOS, though that has not been officially confirmed.