Three popular digital locks

Samsung P718


The Samsung P718 is one of the most popular digital locks in Singapore, according to its authorised resellers here. It is also one of the few full-fledged locks that offer four different types of access: fingerprint scanner, key card, passcode and a manual key override.

This lock replaces the door handle and keyhole, and one of its biggest draws is its push-pull function. Users simply have to unlock the door and push with one motion from the outside to open it, more convenient than reaching for a handle or doorknob.

Similarly, users just have to pull with one motion when opening from inside the house.

Users can also set double authentication, which requires someone who wants to enter to key in both the passcode and master code to gain access.

Kaba EF280


One of the more popular budget digital locks in Singapore, the Kaba EF280 is an add-on digital lock to traditional doors.

It does not replace the physical lock found on the door, but is merely added on top of it to provide another way of opening the door.

It is a control panel with a fingerprint sensor and touch-capacitive keypad, and can store up to 50 unique fingerprints.

The Kaba EF280 locks automatically after five seconds, and also has a lock-out delay after several failed passcode attempts as a security feature.

Yale YDD 424


One of the newest digital locks on the market, the Yale YDD 424 boasts the features of regular digital locks like fingerprint and passcode access, but its edge lies in its connectivity to home automation systems.

To make full use of the YDD 424, home owners should have a home automation system, like the Z-Wave.

Z-Wave, which works with products from more than 300 manufacturers including Yale, allows users to control lighting, fans and digital locks from a central controller like a smartphone.

With a system in place, users can check who has opened the lock using an app on their smartphones. They can also call up time logs of when specific users have accessed the locks, as well as receive notifications when the door is opened.

Instead of using a key card, the YDD 424 can be opened using a mobile phone that has been registered to it.

Lester Hio

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